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a movie review - and a requiem

Second entry.....
I can't wait for the grandiose year's movie, harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I must say the set, cinematography, creature designs, conception of ideas - and perhaps the actions - are spectacular. They've been working throughout the year and wish all of the hard works paid (However - do you really think the Hogwarts lake is really a marine loch ? a giant squid and other briny paraphernalia lived there). I was really surprised to see Karkaroff actually being placed in a sort of a torture cage full of spike pointing deep to the center. I would be surprised if the cage is going to be used again in the fifth's - where Harry has to attend a Hearing. Really cool though - great idea. On the other hand, I criticize the use of powerful strobe lights for the Quidditch World Cup and other unorthodox things (take a look on the photo of Weasley's tent interior - obviously they have modern prints and motifs on the sofa and everywhere). I prefer the feel and the look of archaic or classical wizarding civilization; where modern technology simply won't work, and everything has to be done magically. The costumes, though revolutionary, it's as though the muggle fashion sense has penetrated deep to the community - remember that the wizards could wear skirts for disquise, unknowingly, even though skirts were designed for women. (Those are my critics though, to be frank, and remember diversity in opinion is just fine - don't get flammable for that)

Anyway.......perhaps it's really, really too late to post this one, but I feel a deep sympathy to everyone who has become victims to the recent bombings. Surprisingly, my uncle got out of the restaurant just several minutes before the bombing. Miraculous - and thank God. I cannot understand why would anyone prefer terrorism to a peaceful rural life. I abhor those who evoked God's name to kill and to torture without a good reason; and obviously everyone who loves terrorism, violence, conflict and evil things.

It is not only the matters of reduced number of human population, but how about the deep, miserable psychological pain inflicted to the relatives and the surviving victims ?

Oh - Happy Birthday to Librans (Me myself included - third October ! yay. :)
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