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Skrewt It Up !

Just two hours before the sunset yesterday, we begin the most awaited movie in the year: Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. Together with reguretto, diva_sama, and many others of my friends, we watched GoF in the nearest cinema/theater.
To sum it up (may contain spoilers) :
  • The SPFXs throughout the movie are absolutely stunning. Except for a few flaws like when Harry escapes the dragon, a graphic flaw that may occur when using motion blur. Personally, I crave the effects of the Quidditch World Cup, wizard apparitions, the rebirth of the Dark Lord, and especially the whole underwater scene. I just love the merpeoples, the grindylows and the aquatic landscape (which is made by CG in entirety - I wonder how long the rendering takes time). Also worth mentioning are the animatronic dragon, the vast maze and the pensieve.
  • The Third Task - the maze, while many fans - including myself - are quite well disappointed for the absence of monsters like sphinxes or skrewts (well, they would appear later in the games), I admired the concept of "mind-boggling, mentally agonizing challenge" because it worked well, portrayed perfectly in Fleur's face. Or maybe it's just because the plants :B. Have yourself spending a week in such place, and I shall beg the Guinness Book of Records foundation to include you to the list, 'the most mentally resistant human in the world'.
  • The Quidditch World Cup. Yeah, my friend of mine, Andes, gets really upset because only the opening is shown. Formerly, Mike Newell planned to create the entire scene of it, unfortunately WB cut it up for the reason that many non-readers of Harry Potter dislike Quidditch or house-elves (maybe this is one of many reasons Winky and Dobby don't present in the movie)
  • So, the gillyweed should be given to Harry by Neville Longbottom (next time I meet him, I would babble about Nepal anti-gravity trees)
  • The acting is improved greatly, especially Dan's. Emma's good too, and finally Rupert fixed up that serious look on his face. I laughed hard when teenage awkwardness being quite prominent throughout the movie. I must say that Clemence Poesy's style of acting was realistic and impressive. Magnifique.
  • Finally, Gred and Forge show their actual wits on jokes (bumbling, babbling band of baboons...) and prominence throughout the show.
  • Cedric's death is really touching. The audiences and the cheery music is still playing, not realizing that somebody is dead until Fleur shrieked.
  • However, I dislike on how Dumbledore and Voldemort are portrayed. Dumbledore seems to lost his grip, become aggressive and somehow doesn't looked really wise and nice anymore, while Voldemort babbles about too much, doesn't looked cold and scary at all. With six death eaters. Yeah.
  • Bad, bad editing. Choppy.
  • Mad-eye Moody turned up much more scarier and intimidating than Voldemort. And dear, the spider's not a spider !it's an amblypygid a.k.a tailess whip-scorpion.
  • Plot-wise, the movie is great, with some unpredictable and hilarious scenes. If somehow, you feel the urge to throw your shoes against the screen, remember that it is virtually impossible to fit the entire book into 2 hours and half movie. So, separate the thoughts of the book and the movie.
  • I would say the movie is the greatest HP movie yet, while having its own flaws due to time and restrictions given.
any comments or critics ?        
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