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Dreams, dreams......

Just after a long nap this afternoon, I ushered myself immediately to the front of the computer to tell you about dreams. Dreams. Strange things that would strucks us every time our eyeballs start gliding unconsciously in their niche. Only once I prepared myself for lucid dreaming (self-controlled dreaming) and that's successful, including turning a boring blue room into a whole bookstore, conjuring my friends and flying between the shelves (the entire sequence is a WILD, or Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming). Sometimes, in other dreams, I was controlling them somewhat subsconciously. For example, turning a building's architecture (a tower, from a tattered battle-worn one suddenly changed into gothic one). I found myself as rather daydreaming person who's spending his spare times by filling them with puffs of imaginations - as a result, my dreams are nothing but strange. There are a few sad scenes, frightening apparitions, but mostly nonsensical.

The dream my brain created in the nap was all about anomalous shifting scenes, including my geography teacher (a light bulb to Alizarins in here) dressed in the most capricious fashion sense : wearing a powdered wig and lacy tuxedo which is downright weird. He ordered about a ton of books, all of them are about Biology (which I would happily devour), but in one condition: I have to pay it by myself, and the whole series cost one million dollar. The clip shifts suddenly into an image of my old house, the dining room (I have moved from the previous location) in which I accidentally squashed one of the toads in the toad infested house. Somehow, I've been dreaming about my old house, the very place I growed up and my grandmother's house - I told this to my mother and she said that I missed a lot my past; which is not only a possibility, but also a truth. Then, immediately, I was introduced to a character named Elizabeth (Betha) Maxillae, a beautiful girl with an outwardly polite mannerism; in the time of her angers, she would chew anything that came close to her mouth or anyone adjacent to her - me myself and her closest friends brought the most durable teething toys for her to chew on in her distressed moments. And then I was told that she is Umbridge's niece by someone.

Another dream was about camping in the wild, which includes several strangest things to do - including: a washing yourself down in a waterfall, in order to get a horde of beneficial symbionts (pinkish, 40 centimetre long worms which squirms in your ears and mouth and aquatic insects with long legs, cleaning your scalp from dandruffs and your face from acnes) which are being useful as cleaners to your gastrointestinal tract; b. being phoned by your old don't know he's actually a psychopath until he yells and sending you flame sms without any known reason; c. and playing Quidditch. However, there are strangely beautiful dreams, which would incorporate my object of ambition, like a vast blue sea with its inhabitants within. These dreams often work in unearthly ways and not in the ways I recalled as familiar or as I predicted.

If there are oneironauts or dream psychologists out there, please have a visit, tell me your opinion and analyze the entropy I have written.

note: the name Maxillae, turned up without even knowing it, actually means "jaws". Perhaps the meaning was hiding in the back of my brain.....
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