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I'm back !

Finally, back from a chaotic dormancy of three (or four) weeks. I haven't posted anything in a period before this Sunday, and now it would be a lie to tell you that the school's homeworks are not distressing me. Now, I cannot stop this gluttony to stop eating anything spicy or sweet :D - it was sparked by an event in October, and wish I could prune away the old habit. For the OKS summary, you can take a look on diva_sama's page, it was recorded quite accurately. However, I was journeying an adventure of my own, by being showered alive, asleep, by a fabric imperfection on the top of tent. The resulting next day doesn't allow me to use my jacket because it's waterlogged all over, and I have to move to the main, larger tent, evacuated from the previous one. I was having a rather irritating fiasco when moving up through the mountain (one of my friend kept annoying me by the fact that one of the challenges runs smoothly, until I came and got disbalanced on those squishy old tires, falling from the perch three times and got disqualified. Then, my group was merely receiving two blue ribbons, while the others got three or four (none of them got five, the final challange is unsurpassably difficult), much to my group's dismay. The friend I mentioned before was teasing me over and over, until we're all leaving and back home. However, I have to say that I was entertained in the supposedly campfire night (it was changed into a sort of stage performances done in the main tent/platoon because of the unending rain), quite happy when trekking up the montane jungle (what a scenery - I wish I could bring back home some of the wild ginger berries and torch gingers and mosses and ferns and vines and planting them in my garden) while ignoring him, and was positively blissful in the bus back home. At the dawn of the second day, the path between the girl's tents has somewhat turned into a three-inch thick chocolate pudding by rain, and my seniors say that it's like walking over a pigsty; with your sandals sticking and buried. Requiem for the graveyard of honourable sandals - those who surpassed the challenges of inanimate life, for their bravery crossing the hostile earth and become martyrs, slaves of deranged humans, squashed below their stinky toes. Not to mention the accidents happenned and fainting friends (lydia, diva_sama, hana....) - however, it's been a good experience for us and I think I'm going to submit myself as one of the mentors next year.

Next week's memorable experience is when hitode/mizudako (me), hotategai (monique), tooro (diva_sama), iruka/kurage (zhey), isoginchaku (ookay...not exactly. It's lydia-sama) and uni (let's say it's ryan) are memorizing lines from the icons of the pop-culture in the usual Chemistry-Class-Club-Of-Us (C3OS, or tricarbon oxygen sulfide), somehow it had ended spectacularly and humorously. Now, thanks to diva_sama, I'm now listening the lovely Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack, most favorably the Masquerade (its witty lyrics is wonderful to be heard) Angel of Music and Think of Me. Namako (luthfi) has been crammed in the hospital because of dengue, but now he's healthy and free to squash all of us with his taunts xD. That's my rambling, and now I'm back to my homeworks, projects, and the hunting for exotic tropical plants. reguretto, please tell ditZuka that we missed her a lot :D.
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