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preparing myself for two nights of journey

Somehow, the dread or rather, the mixed feeling seems to infuse my brain once more. Gw g tau harus gimana sama OKS - gw persiapin sebisa gw, dan gw sangat berharap guru-guru dan kakak-kakak kelas konsekuen sama kata-katanya: g bakal ada yg namanya penggojlokan, bullying, dll. To be honest, I really hate the so-called "mental enforcing", bullying, violence, in any kind of forms, any kind of words. Gw heran bgt kenapa di Indonesia harus ada budaya yg bikin juniornya mati ketakutan - and a new year in a new junior highschool/highschool/university/whatever could become the most dreadful experiences for us. (if you think that I'm somewhat have become a sort of wimpy person, I've suffered all of these since I was four, persistently; it's horrible and those things got to be blamed for all of my traumas, until now, I can't remove them from my mind. It still pains). I do understand that all seniors need to be respected, but not in such violent and cruel way, like in some cases in a prominent military school in this country. Padahal, bukannya kalo ada friendship antar-angkatan bukannya lebih enak ? Gw sangat-sangat berharap gw mampu ngerjain semuanya, gw bahagia, damai dan tentram....dan cobaan hidup di kehidupan sendiri tuh terkadang udah cukup berat....tanpa harus ditambah sama hal-hal di atas. Utk reguretto, selamat ya, it seems that we're all going to miss you a lot :). Keep updating your LJ and share your experiences with us ! Take care....

Oh ya, gw g sabaran juga hiking di kegiatannya. I love nature, so I would consider an absence from the activity as another void of experience, as long those outlined above don't happen to anyone, including all of my friends.
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