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We never eat bread cookies
For cookies have yeast,
And one little bite
Turns a man to a beast
O, can you imagine
A sadder disgrace
Than a man in the gutter
With crumbs on his face?
 -- Song of the Salvation Army (trad.)


Another thing that concerns me today is something about a mysterious, extinct religious sect, who venerate only the Past, which is absolute, unchangeable, without future (that's weird) - namely, Laudatores Temporis Acti (the Latin tag was given by a seventeenth-century Portuguese captain). Perhaps they are purely mythological, because it was written here. Mythological beasts and beings sure fascinates me, however, this one's really strange. The text itself is a bit difficult to read, either becuse of extensive use of jargons, or the text simply being a bit gibberish and difficult to follow - so I don't know if my interpretation above is right or wrong.

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